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March 05, 2006


Peter Gold

I came across this issue recently. One of the job boards was telling me that one of their agency customers had complained about this i.e. job board were sponsoring agency name and 'hijacking' applicants. Job board felt it was OK as agency was advertising jobs on the job boards site.

Few employers are however aware of this but as you say, the employer brand is what attracts the applicants.

When I raised this issue with Google, they basically didn't care!

Jason Whitman

Joel, it seems to me that employers MUST buy their names and be first in the PPC listings, either directly or with the help of their marketing department, firm, ad agency, etc. For a few hundred dollars per month, companies can be first on Google, Yahoo and MSN and protect their employer brands... How many times will you need to write about this before employers figure it out?

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