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March 07, 2006


Glenn Gutmacher

I didn't know whether to cry or LMAO when I read that letter!

But another suggestion you may want to make to this frustrated job board employee is to:

1) launch a second site that perhaps mirrors a subset of content of the main site, but could be separately branded (e.g., a Middleware Engineer Jobs site if the main site is IT Jobs) and

2) market it EXCLUSIVELY via search engines (and related SEO tactics) so that the traffic metrics from that can't be ascribed to anything else.

I say this because, like you having worked for a job board myself once, there are various noise factors impacting traffic stats that one could argue are due to things other than pure search engine referral (e.g., a paid advertising campaign that spills over onto search engines). The new site traffic results would be harder to refute.

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