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February 22, 2006


Dave McClure

actually Joel, i'd prefer to think *SimplyHired* inside ;)

while both Indeed & SimplyHired are focused on vertical search, i'd like to point out that we (not Indeed) were the ones talking about "Job Search 2.0" being more than just search, and based on a combination of the following:

1) [vertical] search
2) relevant content
3) application workflow
4) and... *community*

see our November post on this subject below:

anyway, not taking anything away from Indeed (which has been shipping some neat features lately), but we were the ones who put an emphasis 6+ months ago on building mini-apps for jobseeker workflow, not to mention creating a forums offering for our community.

(aside from that clarification, i think we're in violent agreement :)

- dave mcclure

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