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Internet marketing and technology junkie.


About Joel …

Joel Cheesman is a well-known blogger of online recruitment topics, speaker, entrepreneur and agent of change.

As an employee and insider of online job sites since 1997, Joel founded HRSEO in response to growing opportunity to help employers learn what the big job sites already know: Search engines rule.

Joel is an evangelist of search engine optimization and other emerging technologies and teacher of employers who want to outsmart their competition, drive targeted candidates to their openings, and greatly reduce recruitment budgets.

Joel is special consultant to .Jobs, the organization overseeing the sales, marketing and distribution of the new dot-jobs domain.

Of Joel, industry guru John Sumser said, “Cheesman is applying [search engine marketing] ideas to our market. The tagline ‘You don't need Monster when you have Google’ says it all. While we're more inclined to think that every toolkit needs a full set of tools, we acknowledge the right of screwdriver manufacturers to claim that they have the only required tool.

”That said, Cheesman's blog is a bit of fresh air. His company is a much needed addition. Nice job.”

Prior to working in the Internet recruiting space, Joel cut his teeth in the political arena working in Washington, D.C. and managing congressional races around the country.

Born in 1971, Joel is a 1994 graduate of Ball State University. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and two cats.


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